Wrap Yourself in Art
Cotton throw blankets woven from the paintings of Lynne Feldman




Wrap Yourself in Art offers cotton throw blankets woven from Rochester, NY artist Lynne Feldman’s original paintings. As a life-long traveler, much of Lynne's art features the different enchanting places she has visited over the years, depicting colorful scenes, animals and people. Her paintings, prints, collages and illustrations have been exhibited in museums, galleries and public spaces throughout the country.

As the demand for her art increased, Lynne began to think outside the box as to what she could do differently with her work that would accurately represent the emotion behind it, while allowing it to be tangible, more affordable, and something other than a fixture on a wall.

One day she imagined her friends and family wrapped in her art, and visualized her paintings translated into soft beautiful blankets. If the idea was going to work, she knew the blankets needed to be of the finest quality, easy to clean, and woven in the United States. When Lynne found Pure Country Weavers, a family-owned business of exceptional craftsmen in the foothills of North Carolina, she knew they were the right people to weave her blankets.

Wrap Yourself in Art blankets are comfortable, versatile, and affordable! They also make great gifts; they’re great for cuddling up on the couch and so beautiful that you can hang them on a wall. They are machine-washable, made from sustainably-sourced cotton, and woven to last a lifetime.




Once upon a time a young girl studied drawing and painting at the Art Students League in New York City. Now, her work hangs in public spaces and galleries across the country.

She paints in her studio in upstate New York every day, but sometimes she travels to Scotland where she dances among the rowan trees with their scarlet berries on the Isle of Mull. She finds salamanders and birds, sheep and pigs, and then imagines mythological spirits like a beautiful maiden inhabiting the rivers and woods. She travels on to places like New Mexico, Kenya, Turkey and Australia, and then carries these enchanting images home where she continues to paint big and beautiful canvases.

One day she imagines her friends wrapped in her art, and visualizes her paintings translated into soft beautiful blankets. In her mind’s eye she sees these handsome blankets made from cotton and machine washable. So she finds a family-owned business—exceptional craftsmen—in the foothills of North Carolina to weave these for her.



Family owned and operated, the company who weaves our throw blankets, Pure Country Weavers, runs a textile mill in the foothills of North Carolina. Their weaving roots date back to the time of the American Revolution, when they supplied General George Washington with blankets at Valley Forge.

With an old Jacquard process these weavers convert Lynne Feldman’s paintings into beautiful blankets. Finally, art and functionality--the aesthetic and the utilitarian--meet.

We are thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship of these wonderful woven blankets; they look and feel exactly as artist Lynne Feldman imagined them to. See our collection by clicking the button below. Click here to learn more about Pure Country Weavers.